• School Lunches

School Lunches

Stramongate school has Healthy Schools status. This means our food provision (Breakfast club, lunchtime and at other times in the school day) complies with Government standards for schools and we promote healthy eating and drinking, also that we have implemented high standards in other key areas of health. The other areas are personal, social and health education, physical activity and emotional health & wellbeing.

See the "Parent Information" page for information about the School Grid (formerly known as Live Kitchen) service. On the School Grid website you can choose from the lunchtime menu at home and order meals in advance, and create your direct debit instruction to pay for school meals and Breakfast Club. Your Direct Debit account will only be charged for lunches actually collected at the hatch and for Breakfast Club sessions actually attended. Therefore, if you order a lunch in advance for your child who is then, for example, ill on the day and absent from School, your account will not be charged for the pre-ordered meal.